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Industry Predictions 2020 (Lighting) : Evan Morris

In a fresh new series, we caught up with integral players in the industry to see what they predicted for the year 2020. From LD Aideen MaloneProjection Designer Bart KresaLighting & Set Designer Omer Israeli, and Media Server Specialist Steve Cain, Evan Morris is the Founder and LD at Exciting Light. As an industry vet of more than 15 years, Evan’s company has provided designs for a theatre, hospitality and nightlife projects around the world.

The most impressive intervention in 2019:

One effective intervention I saw on a commercial shoot was where the design completely changed a week before filming. Trading one complicated design for another, it was demanding on every department.

Astera Tubes – being so versatile – saved the day!  They work in lightboxes, as video walls, and as softboxes at times.

His prediction on the upcoming technology:

Further integration of high-powered LED’s, batteries, and wireless control could have a significant impact in the coming years.

As these fixtures get smaller, more reliable and diverse, they open the door for designers of film, festivals, theatre and nightlife events to incorporate light in ways not previously possible.