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USA: Robe for The Four – Season Two

‘The Four: Battle for Stardom’ – AKA ‘The Four’ - is a new US reality TV show and singing competition produced by ITV Entertainment and Armoza Formats, with the second season just completed following a successful premier on Fox at the start of the year. Lighting designer Tom Sutherland of DX7

NLD: Unlimited Robe for Breda Live

BOD Events from Dordrecht in The Netherlands wanted to create an impression with the 10th edition of its annual music extravaganza, Breda Live, so they asked production specialist Unlimited Productions (also Breda based) to add an extra level of ‘experience’ to this year’s event, including spectacular lighting for the main

DEU: GLP’s Stunning Debut with Scooter

Before making its high profile debut on this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, GLP’s new KNV went out on a ‘field test’ tour with German band Scooter. This gave production designer Jerry Appelt and his lighting director, programmer and board operator Marc Brunkhardt the opportunity to evaluate the innovative

DEU: GLP and the Magic of Light

Thanks to their incredible shows, the Ehrlich Brothers have become among the best known magicians and illusionists in the world. Their trademarks include trucks weighing several tons emerging from nowhere, trees growing in a matter of seconds, and almost everything disappearing from the huge stage during the course of a