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MIPRO Brings the Beats for Asia & Germany Beatbox Championships

ABC 2019 (Asia Beatbox Championship 2019) was held on July 19 and 20 in Taipei. This was the fourth time MIPRO sponsored the biggest beatbox event in Asia and again the MIPRO MM-59B dynamic microphone was selected as the official microphone. This year ABC got entries from more than 25 countries. Through

MIPRO Participating in KOBA with New Wireless Systems

MIPRO will attend KOBA in Seoul, South Korea, 22-25 May. The team from MIPRO Korea will handle this year's exhibition. MIPRO has been distributing in Korea for over a decade and is a leading brand in the wireless microphone systems and portable wireless PA systems within the country. For the upcoming show,

PL+S 2018: MIPRO’s Award-winning TA-80 Digital Plug-on Transmitter

MIPRO's TA-80 is a true digital miniature wideband wireless plug-on transmitter with balanced XLR mic input jack, designed for measurement microphones, condenser / dynamic wired microphones, recording microphones and musical instrument microphones. It is compatible with all ACT-8 Series receivers. The TA-80 has a flat and wide frequency response, ultra-low THD

TWN: Beatbox Battles Choose MIPRO MM-59B Beatbox Microphone

Held on 18 and 19 August, the recent 2017 Asia Beatbox Championship gathered a thousand spectators in Taipei, eager to watch as contestants battled it out for the “Asia-Champion” trophy. In order to establish the Asia Beatbox Championship as one of the biggest international beatbox tournaments in the world, the

TWN: The Asia Beatbox Championship 2016 Debuts MIPRO MM-59B Microphone

The Asia Beatbox Championship 2016, held by and sponsored by MIPRO, debuted its official microphone - the MIPRO MM-59B beatbox microphone! The Asia Beatbox Championship 2016 is the first international beatbox tournament in Asia and the biggest beatbox event in Asia. The championship was held in Taipei, Taiwan, on August