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Meyer Sound Hits New Lows With VLFC

Meyer Sound has introduced the VLFC very low frequency control element, the latest addition to Meyer Sound’s LEO Family of line array systems. VLFC is the first large-scale loudspeaker system specifically engineered to create visceral impact at frequencies below the threshold of hearing. By focusing energy into a narrow band

UK: Meyer Sound LEOPARD is the Choice for Passenger

Photos credit: Stefan M. Prager Folk balladeer Passenger crafts delicate songs that tell stories. In his trademark raspy warble, he sings in vignettes, delivering lyrical beacons of truth within immersive narratives. Known off-stage as Michael David Rosenberg, the English musician began writing songs at around age 14, leaving school at the

CHN: Meyer Sound Co-founders John and Helen Meyer To Attend PALM China 2016 Expo

Making their first visit to China, Meyer Sound co-founders John and Helen Meyer will attend the PALM China 2016 Expo in Beijing this September to emphasize the company’s commitment to serving the Asia-Pacific region with leading-edge professional audio technologies. The Meyers will be available to meet with key customers, consultants,

CHN: Meyer Sound D-Mitri Provides Sonic Immersion at Dragone’s Dai Show Theatre

At China’s domed Dai Show Theatre, built exclusively for producer Franco Dragone’s newest themed spectacle, the nightly displays of jaw-dropping aquatic acrobatics are bolstered by immersive music and effects sonically choreographed through a 128-channel Meyer Sound D-Mitri digital audio platform and reproduced by an encircling array of 103 Meyer Sound

UK: Meyer Sound LEO Delivers Power at Isle of Wight Festival

The 21st century revival of the legendary Isle of Wight Festival once again launched Europe’s season of summer celebrations, with this year’s edition benefiting from relatively hospitable weather and the auspicious debut of a new Meyer Sound LEO Family system at the main stage. Supplied by Wigwam Acoustics of Heywood, the