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INTL: Robert Juliat Dalis cyclight and ETC Eos Consoles Form A Colourful Collaboration

Robert Juliat’s Ludwig Lepage (centre) and ETC’s Matt Halberstadt (right) and Ray Hill (left) demonstrate the perfect calibration of colours between RJ’s Dalis and ETC’s Source Four Lustr made possible by the new collaboration with the ETC Eos lighting consoles.

Robert Juliat is proud to be the first manufacturer to collaborate directly with ETC to have its award-winning 8-colour Dalis cyclight fully calibrated with the Eos family of lighting desks. Operators and lighting designers will benefit from the ease and transparency of using Eos consoles to gain full, precise control of Dalis’ complete colour spectrum.

Encouraged by requests from theatre lighting designers, Robert Juliat and ETC decided to collaborate to fully integrate Dalis cyclight into the Eos desks. From now on, lighting designers can harness the full power of the Eos family desks and easily select and calibrate any colour they wish – by whatever method they prefer. They can synchronise their Dalis cyclight to a precise colour, or match any manufacturer’s gel palette, and rapidly fine tune and modify the colour spectrum at will.

“We have made colour selection, matching and control the highest priority in our fixtures and our consoles,” says David Lincecum, Vice President of Marketing at ETC.

“We are happy to have achieved such excellent results with the Dalis fixture. Designers will find the Dalis and Eos make a great team!”

ETC has carried out extensive research to decode colour specifications and calibrate them with their lighting desks. Using the same calibration process with in-house analysis of Dalis’ 8 LED colours, Robert Juliat’s cyclight now also benefits from this colour analysis and precise control. The result is the creation of a dedicated fixture library for Dalis.

“Robert Juliat is delighted to offer operators a powerful tool to maximise the creative potential of our colourful Dalis cyclight,” concludes Robert Juliat Managing Director, François Juliat.