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New Guts, New Glory for ETC Mosaic Show Controller X

The Mosaic Show Controller X (MSC X) is getting a refresh with new video I/O options and an audio input for two Linear Timecode channels – removing the need for a separate RIO-A unit.

With this change, ETC will be switching to a new part number, and model numbers will add “Mk3” at the end. Once the MSC X Mk3 is released, all existing orders for the current Mosaic Show Controller X will be automatically switched over to the Mk3. Shipping of the new units began in December 2023.

With the new model comes new connectors. The video input accessory (-VCC), if equipped, changes from DVI to HDMI. Video output is now a DisplayPort style connector. The serial port on the unit (RS232) has been updated from connectorized to terminal-style interfaces. Audio output is handled with either a S/PDIF (RCA) port or terminal connectors. Audio input for linear timecode is also via terminal interface.

The MSC X Mk3 will require a minimum version of Mosaic 2.11. Both the new MSC X Mk3 and version 2.11 software are now shipping.