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PP Sound Lights Productions Acquires Western India’s First Meyer Sound PANTHER System

From humble beginnings with a modest speaker system sufficient to reinforce smaller event venues to now acquiring one of the world’s most sought-after large format concert systems in the form of the Meyer Sound PANTHER line arrays – Mumbai based PP Sound Light Productions has come a long way to now being hailed as a prominent name in India’s live event equipment rental environment.

The burgeoning rental service provider has made a significant enhancement to their impressive FOH loudspeaker inventory with the acquisition of a brand-new comprehensive PANTHER line array system from Meyer Sound, complete with the powerful 2100-LFC Low-Frequency Control elements. These strategic investments have afforded the company a distinct edge; as PP Sound Light Productions stand proud as the owners of the first PANTHER line array system in all of Western India – a region that is widely hailed as the nation’s hub for premium large-scale events and mega-productions. Alongside, this investment has also earned PP Sound Lights Productions the distinction of being only the second rental service provider in all of India to stock the 2100-LFC subwoofers.

Prasad Parkar – director of PP Sound Lights Productions – revealed that the decision to acquire the Meyer Sound PANTHER line array system was driven by the need to have a truly comprehensive and formidable world-class sound reinforcement ecosystem, so that the company could assure nothing less than superlative and pristine audio productions for every kind of event – especially the vast variety of large-scale music concerts that the company has recently been commissioning on a regular basis.

“As a company, our combined pursuit of audio perfection is what consistently drives our vision for success and growth. And the strategic decision to invest in the Meyer Sound PANTHER line array system is a clear indicator of our vision and intent. The fact that we are the first company in the western region to acquire this globally acclaimed world-class loudspeaker system, and only the second company in all of India to own the 2100-LFC subwoofers, exemplifies our commitment to delivering outstanding events by pushing the envelope of sonic excellence!” exclaimed Prasad as he affirmed that the acquisition not only signifies PP Sound Lights Productions’ unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled audio experiences but also underscores their position as a true trend-setter and industry leader.

With the new inventory boasting a total of 24 x PANTHER Line array modules and 18 x  2100-LFC subwoofers, Prasad highlighted his innate understanding of loudspeaker nuances as he notes that the PANTHER and 2100-LFC combination affords PP Sound Lights Productions with the capacity for remarkable scalability and adaptability to efficiently cater to medium to large-scale event productions.

Evidently proud with the purchase decision, Prasad asserted that the acquisitions of the Meyer Sound PANTHER line array system has already opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities for PP Sound Lights Productions, as he shares that the company has already been approached by several clients for several large-scale concerts and music mega-productions that are scheduled to take place in the coming few months.

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