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Mahesh Sound Steps Up With DiGiCo Quantum 338

With a discerning eye on the burgeoning demands of live event production, Mahesh Sound, a prominent live event equipment rental company in Gujarat, has recently made a significant investment in the state-of-the-art DiGiCo Quantum 338 digital console alongside the SD Rack; with the strategic move underscoring a proactive approach to meeting the needs of the company’s diverse clientele while also signalling its intent to stay ahead of the curve in an industry characterized by dynamic innovation and evolving standards.

Speaking on the investment, the company’s owner and director Mahesh, emphasized the pivotal role that the Quantum 338’s advanced features played in their decision-making process. “We are excited to integrate the DiGiCo Quantum 338 into our arsenal,” remarked Mahesh as he continued, “Its innovative features align perfectly with our mission to deliver audio solutions that surpass expectations and elevate the live event experience.”

He explained that he was particularly impressed with the fact that from its intuitive interface to its robust processing capabilities, every aspect of the Quantum 338 has been meticulously designed to empower audio professionals in crafting unparalleled sonic landscapes. Of particular note, Mahesh points out the console’s three bright daylight-viewable screens, ensuring optimal visibility even in the most challenging outdoor environments. Furthermore, features such as the True Solo function, Spice Rack plugin-style native FPGA processing options, and support for DMI Cards were also noted as key positives which made the Quantum 338’s versatility and adaptability even more appealing as an investment option.

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