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Rajan Amplifiers Aims to Elevate Live Experience with Cutting-Edge DAS Audio Line Array Investment

In a strategic move to fortify its position as one of Rajasthan’s premier live event equipment rental companies, Jodhpur based Rajan Amplifiers has made a significant investment in a comprehensive line array inventory from the esteemed manufacturer, DAS Audio. The acquisition comprises 24 x LARA Self-powered cardioid Line array modules complemented by 18 x LARA-Sub cardioid powered subwoofer, marking a substantial leap forward in the company’s ability to deliver world-class audio solutions for a diverse range of live events.

The decision to embrace DAS Audio’s state-of-the-art LARA line array system stems from Rajan Amplifiers’ commitment to meeting the escalating demand for superior audio experiences across its expanding business portfolio. “The investment in DAS Audio’s cutting-edge LARA line array system aligns with Rajan Amplifiers’ unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled audio experiences for clients across a diverse spectrum of live events. Our new LARA inventory not only enhances our technical capabilities but also underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological innovation in the live sound industry”, commented Anil Panwar, owner of Rajan Amplifiers, while confirming that some of the system’s key features and capabilities also played a vital role in impressing a positive investment outcome.

Anil explained that the LARA’s impressive horizontal dispersion control and tonal balance in addition to cutting-edge FIR filter processing technology offers better capacity for uniform coverage and optimal sound quality, along with pristine audio reproduction and unparalleled clarity. Furthermore, he asserts that he was particularly impressed with the system’s built-in diagnostic function, which enables users to monitor system status through impedance and frequency response measurements without the need for external software, thereby streamlining maintenance and troubleshooting processes. Furthermore, the systems’ capacity for auto-arrangement once the arrays are flown thanks to the NFC technology and DAS Audio’s proprietary ALMA software – proved to be another key advantage.

He also asserted that the LARA’s in-built DASaim digital steering technology, which allows users to precisely control vertical dispersion, utilizing AFMG® FIRmaker® technology to enable uniform frequency response, spectral consistency, and SPL control over distance, is another key feature that fascinated not just him but also his team of engineers. And finally, the fact that the LARA offers advanced Analog, Dante, and AES-EBU connectivity and distribution capabilities, allowed Anil and his team to rest assured of seamless integration with various audio sources and setups, empowering users with unprecedented flexibility and versatility.

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