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AUS: Jaguar – The Art Of Performance

Photo copyright of TDC

Jaguar debuted the F-PACE, their first ever SUV, at The Art of Performance, an exciting and immersive projection mapping and LED installation at Martin Place, Sydney to celebrate Jaguar’s contribution to Vivid Sydney 2016.

TDC – Technical Direction Company showcased the spectacular use of creative technology bringing the ideas by creative communications agency, Spark44 Sydney and multimedia design and animation by Spinifex Group to life.

TDC’s technical experts mapped the Jaguar F-PACE SUV in video projection that playfully highlighted deconstructed, rotated, recontextualised and generally manipulated the Jaguar SUV’s geometry.

The audience was involved in initiating the showcase by pressing a large ‘start’ button, then the thrilling multimedia experience is brought to life. The vehicle is showcased on an angled podium against a diamond-shaped LED video wall. Both technologies work together to create a beautiful 11 by 8-metre canvas with the illusion of depth and immersive animation.

“The display has full automation, monitoring and interactivity, Spinifex used Cinema4D and 3D Studio Max to create the amazing visual content,” added Cyril De Baecque, managing director at Spinifex Group.

Behind the creative technology

The project is unique in its combination of technology within a public place as Anthony Pellizzari, technical project manager at TDC elaborates: “This is a first for an audience to experience this type of technology in a outdoor public space. They can interact to fully become part of the experience. Gauging the public reaction, the use of technology and creative behind it seemed to really appeal to all ages.

“This project gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our technical skills in mapping geometric objects. The added dimension of surrounding the car with LED really adds depth of field, and complete automation really lets us stretch our technical skills. We are really happy with the results.”