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One Systems Augments Immersive Sonic Journey at Andamanda Songkran Festival 2024

Hosted at one of the largest water parks in Thailand i.e. the Andamanda Phuket – the Andamanda Songkran Festival is dubbed as ‘The Ultimate Pool Party in Phuket’. The high-energy music festival witnesses the nearly 93000 sqm Andamanda theme park completely transform into an ‘immersive’ space, where electronic beats and the water-rich environment blend in perfect harmony to create a truly bespoke event experience.

The 2024 edition spotlighted top-tier DJ names such as VINI VICI, ACRAZE, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Julian Jordan and many more. Bigger, bolder, louder and wetter – the Andamanda Songkran Festival 2024 definitely raised the bar – with the commitment to pushing boundaries being apparent in every aspect of the festival’s experience. And this fact was only underscored, as the organisers’ entrusted One Systems Global Production the responsibility of creating a truly immersive soundscape for the event.

An acclaimed solution provider for large scale events and mega productions in Thailand, One Systems Global Production, aimed to translate the festival organisers’ vision into a technological marvel. The challenge was to create a bespoke awe-inspiring sonic experience that would elevate the festival environment to new heights. And backed by a reputation of proven expertise and innovation, the team at One Systems rose to the occasion – as they went above and beyond to meet achieve this goal.

The team started off by first conducting a thorough assessment of the venue’s dynamics using cutting-edge software analysis, and then taking stock of all the artists’ performance requirements. Armed with all the crucial details, they then meticulously crafted a plan that augmented state-of-the-art audio technologies into an ultra-formidable live sound architecture that eventually enthralled not just the audience, but the performers as well.

In order to achieve a soundscape that was not just immersive but distinctly realistic, team One Systems decided to deploy a comprehensive loudspeaker system from L-Acoustics. The main PA solution integrated at the performance stage featured a total of 24 units of the KUDO line array modules suspended in a stereo hang, with One Systems leveraging the unique coverage and throw capabilities of the KUDO modules to assert a consistent sonic experience for every audience member present within the expansive performance zone. Further enriching the soundscape was a thoughtfully crafted deployment of L-Acoustics’ powerful subwoofers, which saw a total of 24 units of compact yet impressively powerful KS28 subwoofers directing supremely impactful low-frequency fidelity towards the audience area.

An equally world-class sonic experience was made available to the host of top-tier artists performing on-stage, as team One Systems deployed a total of 9 units of the KARA II modules to act as the impactful side-fill reinforcement solution, while three pairs of the KARA II modules complemented by 3 units of the SB-18 subs served as the high-performance primary DJ monitoring solution. Alongside a total of 6 units of 115XT HiQ high-performance monitors provided additional monitoring reinforcement, serving as the floor monitoring solution.

This impressive loudspeaker architecture at the performance section was ‘juiced’ by an array of L-Acoustics’ powerful yet impressively efficient LA12x power amplifiers and LA8 amplified controllers, with 2 units of the P1 AVB processor and measurement platform affording seamless networking and processing. Furthermore, SD12 and Quantum series digital consoles from DiGiCo afforded engineers with unparalleled flexibility and control over tailoring the overall sound experience.

In addition to the main performance section, the festival scheme also incorporated a plush beach bar section which was equally busy with a steady influx of revellers. And to ensure that audience members at this section enjoyed a similar high-quality sonic experience as that at the main performance section, team One Systems integrated a nimble yet extremely efficient and impactful audio system that comprised an amalgam of high-performance products.

A total of 6 units of the EuroLive B112D Active 2-Way 12″ loudspeakers served as the main PA system for the section, while 4 units of the 108P 8-Inch self-powered coaxial loudspeakers from L-Acoustics provided additional reinforcement. The sound experienced in this section was tailored through a single unit of the incredibly compact yet powerful SQ6 48-channel digital mixing console from Allen & Heath (A&H) which was deployed in conjunction with the A&H GX4816 96kHz audio expander that provided for high-input-count remote expansion.

As the festivities and celebrations came to a close; it was clear that the 2024 edition of the Andamanda Songkran festival emphatically upped the ante in creating a harmonious convergence of music and aquatic ambiance, thereby giving birth to an immersive celebration that will remain etched in the minds and hearts of audiences and performers alike. However, what was more apparent than ever, is the fact that the collaborative synergy between the organizers and One Systems afforded a spectacular audio design – executed with precision – which allowed the audience to be enveloped in a sonic cocoon that enhanced the overall sensory experience.

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