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Absen Updates PL lite Series

Absen, a leading global LED provider, recently launched the updated version of PL Lite series, a market-proven rental and staging product for indoor and outdoor applications.

The updated version features improved user-friendly designs, lower cost and more…

2019 Southeast Asian Games featuring Absen PL lite series, done by Video Sonic PL lite series is a perfect all-weather rental solution for a wide range of applications from outdoor concerts to indoor corporate events, TV studios, car shows, government activities, summits and exhibition stands and so on.

Engineered to deliver the best balance of visual performance, ease of use, flexibility and reliability, PL lite provides excellent price-to-performance ratio.

This range is available in four pixel pitches: 2.5, 2.9, 3.9 and 4.8. Optimized for extra-large outdoor LED display applications, it features a variant panel of 500*1000mm for P3.9 and P4.8, twice the standard size of 500mm*500mm but 20% lighter than conventional panels.

For the visual performance, Absen PL Lite boasts a 110% NTSC colour gamut and more than 7000:1 high contrast. To meet the requirement of design flexibilities of rental & staging scenarios, PL lite series was developed with a proprietary -7.5° to +10° Side-Lock curve system for various staging screens.

Ever since launched in 2018, PL series have achieved market-proven performance with a sold amount of 65000 sqm. Committed to technology innovation and providing the best for customers,

Absen upgraded PL lite to improve customers’ using experience from the quicker installation, easier maintenance and better visual performance.

Quicker installation: Panel weight of the updated version is decreased by 12%, making it easier for engineers to quickly set up screens. The unique new handle design further makes installation much more convenient.

Easier maintenance: the updated version adopts wireless pluggable power box design and all- platform magnetic panels, making it possible to easily perform front maintenance.

Better visual performance: The whole PL lite range has updated the refresh rate of 1920 Hz to 3840 Hz, which ends up with better pictures of the live events. Besides, the updated version supports the 45° cut for creating LED cubes.

Better ROI: The updates of the product allow for the most efficient setup possible, which results in decreased cost of labour and time. Another point we must mention is that the accessories of the updated products, like the stacking systems, the hanging systems, stay the same with the last version, meaning that the new purchase of the updated PL lite series only includes the panel costs.