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ADJ’s Most Versatile Pinspot Features Lime-Infused LEDs

The Saber Spot RGBL builds on the success of ADJ’s previous Saber Spot LED pinspots. The inclusion of the lime LED element within its light engine not only expands the gamut of output colours that can be created but also increases its CRI (Colour Rendering Index). This means that, when the fixture is used to generate white light for illuminating a stage or décor, colours are rendered accurately, subtle tones are accented, and skin tones look beautiful. Six macros are provided for white light colour temperatures ranging from 2700K to 7000K alongside 63 additional preset colour options to aid with quick and easy programming. It is also supplied pre-programmed with 13 colour changing programs, which can be synchronized across two or more units connected in a primary/secondary configuration.

The fixture itself has a sleek black housing and is exceptionally compact (just 6.69” / 170mm long) and lightweight (weighing just 3.2 lbs / 1.45 kg). It can be deployed in numerous ways thanks to an integrated scissor yoke, which can be used either as a floor stand or hanging bracket. For situations where wider coverage is required, a lens kit is supplied with the fixture giving lighting designers the option to easily change the beam angle to 10 or 45°. For connectivity, it features trailing 5-pin DMX cables and locking power input and output sockets on its rear panel. The latter allows the power supply for up to 57 fixtures to be linked from a single outlet @ 120V (95 @ 230V).

According to Alfred Gonzales, ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, the new Saber Spot RGBL represents an advancement of ADJ’s popular Saber Spot, offering the advantages of a lime-infused LED source in a compact yet powerful fixture. Gonzales praised the Saber Spot RGBL’s suitability for temporary event production as well as installations in space-constrained venues that demand vibrant color mixing. He highlighted its applicability across various settings, including bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, small concert venues, houses of worship, theme park attractions, museums, and retail displays.

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