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Martin QUAD/CTC Precision Wash Light Family Customizes Your Lighting Experience

The Exterior Wash Pro Family from Martin has been engineered to meet demanding and harsh environments while offering a host of extraordinary creative possibilities with its intelligent features that elevate a wide range of lighting designs. These fixtures build on the success of the Exterior Linear Pro family and represent “a new era in colour performance for architectural lighting”.

The Exterior Wash Pro family is user-friendly and versatile, available in QUAD and CTC variants, with four sizes in each. These fixtures offer easy installation and configurable beam control, making them ideal for various applications, including long throw applications.

The QUAD variants are distinguished by their colour performance. Martin factory colour calibration ensures superior colour consistency and provides a dedicated colour temperature control channel spanning from 1,000K to 12,500K, precisely following the black-body curve. Integrated colour boost technology, encompassing smart ratio between LED capacity and PSU capacity, emits saturated and mixed colours up to three times brighter than previous models. The CTC variants offer an extended colour temperature range, ranging from 2,400K to 6,500K. This includes warm (2,400K), Medium (4,000K), and Cold (6,500K) LEDs for dedicated color temperature control with improved white light quality.

The Exterior Wash Pro family makes easy configuration a key aspect of performance, with externally mounted micro lenses and optional baffle snoot. The in-built stand-alone programming functionality simplifies installation and works seamlessly across other product families like Martin’s Exterior Linear Pro family, allowing easy programming of product families within the same installation.

With a more compact design, the Exterior Wash Pro family seamlessly integrate into many environments, perfect for lighting specifiers supporting fixed outdoor installations. These include stadiums, arenas, theme parks, resorts, hotels, casinos, bridges, cruise ships, shopping complexes, houses of worship, and similar applications. Backed by a 5-year warranty, these fixtures meet strict environmental standards and ship in eco-friendly packaging.

Fixture Highlights Include:

  • The ability to choose from four sizes and lumen output packages that accommodate various installations and budgets. Enjoy a compact, lightweight design with integrated baffle snoot option for added versatility.
  • Achieve precise light control and high intensity, while minimizing stray light in long-range applications, thanks to a narrow beam angle.
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance with seamless colour mixing and colour boost for up to 3 times brighter saturated and mixed colours.
  • A dedicated control channel with a user-selectable default colour temperature from a warm 1,000K up to a cold 12,500 Kelvin temperature, which follows the black body curve.
  • An integrated magnetic sensor empowers easy local diagnostics and focusing. Stand-alone programming is available through the Martin Companion configuration tool.