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TSM Presents Astera’s new Hyperion Tube and Ayrton’s Multi-21 Vision

Astera’s LED tubes have always been a hit in the market. This time, they are introducing the Hyperion tube. With double the length which measures 2031mm and 90.96 inches, it contains double the LEDs, double the batteries, double the brightness, double the pixels, and the same high-quality light with App, CRMX and on-tube control and wired DMX option.

Being IP65 rated, these wireless tubes are beautiful lighting solutions for your indoor and outdoor set-ups.

The Astera App offers intuitive and fast control of complex lighting setups with fully customizable programs and effects. It is designed to work seamlessly with other control methods.

Astera App

In Ayrton news, we can expect to see an extensive range of new Ayrton luminaires alongside their Multi-21 concept, a three-year industrial vision. Being 2 years into the acquirement by Golden Sea, Ayrton is shoring up its market leadership with classic, ultra-high-end products. Ayrton’s CTO Yvan Péard revealed a three-year product development plan as part of his Multi-twenty-one concept. Looking forward, 21 luminaires has been slated for launch by the project deadline of December 2021.

Similarly, Total Solution Marketing (TSM) will continue bringing in new products that are relevant in today’s rapidly changing market. As we embark into the year 2020, they have exciting new plans lining up. Stay tuned for more information on their Facebook Page.