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VUE PA Enhances Worship Night for Experience Community Church

Equal parts spirit-filled worship and community gathering, the ‘Here Again’ worship night at Experience Community Church, just south of Nashville, USA, brought prayer and worship to more than 2,000 attendees in late February.

VUE Audiotechnik was there with Nashville-based network partner, Myers Concert Productions, to bring both spoken word and live music to the audience inside the former factory space turned house-of-worship venue. The event marked one of Myers’ first smaller-scale events using their newly purchased VUE inventory.

The event included an in-the-round main stage situated in the center of the rectangular venue, and since the venue was formerly a factory, the cavernous space included highly reflective exposed brick walls, concrete floors, steel rafters, and 20’ ceilings. 

To achieve coverage across the surrounding audience area, Myers designed a hybrid line array system deployed in a 360-degree configuration. The system included 4 hangs of 4 x al-8s for the longer-throws, paired with 4 hangs of 4 x al-4s for the shorter-throw sides. 6 x ground-stacked hs-221 ACM subwoofers provided more-than-adequate low-end support.

According to Brice Clark, System Engineer for Myers Concert Productions, the compatibility of the VUE elements enabled them to overcome challenges inherent with the space, while ensuring consistent coverage.

“We were faced with a variety of issues that you’d expect from a large warehouse not originally designed for live performances. Several issues included height limitations, varying room depths and weight restrictions for the overhead truss.”

“Because of the scalability and uniformity across the entire line, VUE provided an option where we could utilize different-sized line array elements to provide uniform coverage while sustaining the same tonal characteristics across the listening area.”

When asked about mixing on the VUE PA, Experience Church’s FOH engineer, Austin Kursave, remarked: “The low-end extension was incredible, while the top was very crisp without a bit of harshness. Everything sounded so clean and clear. I loved using the VUE Rig!”

“I was extremely pleased with the performance of the VUE system. It provided even dispersion across the listening area without losing any energy and excitement throughout the venue. I look forward to deploying these boxes on more of our shows,” praised Clark.

Photos Credit: JC Chick