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USA: VUE Line Arrays Take the Stage with REO Speedwagon

As part of a crowded 2018 schedule with tour-mates Chicago, REO Speedwagon recently landed at the Star of the Desert Arena in Primm, NV where the band took to the stage for the first time with a VUE al-Class line array system.

Supplied by Las Vegas-based H.A.S. Productions, the system took full advantage of VUE’s Continuous Source Topology (CST), which allows different al-Class array elements to be seamlessly combined for optimal coverage, without the disruptions associated with more conventional mixed element arrays.

For the REO Speedwagon show, left and right CST clusters included eight, large-format al-12 elements above four medium format al-8 elements, providing down fill. Side fill came courtesy of two al-4 arrays, each consisting of eight subcompact al-4 elements each. A total of ten VUEDrive V6 series and two V4 series system engines delivered power for the arrays, while the sophisticated VUEDrive DSP ensured easy setup and deployment of the unique CST combo array.

For low frequency, H.A.S. matched the array with twelve hs-221 ACM subwoofers spanning the front of the stage. Sound-Image monitors and a pair of DigiCo SD12 consoles completed the system.

According to H.A.S. CEO Larry Hall, “The VUE line arrays always amaze me with their configurability and headroom. REO’s FOH engineer was very impressed, like so many engineers who get their first chance to mix on a VUE rig when they come through this venue. After the show, it goes straight to their rider.”