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NLD: ROE Visual introduces Air Frames at Pinkpop Festival

ROE Visual LED screens were an essential eye-catcher on the two main stages of this oldest running festival in the Netherlands. Using a combination of Carbon CB5 panels and an Air Frame support system, Faber Audiovisuals premiered this product on the European market.

Held for the 49th consecutive year, Pinkpop Festival boasted a line-up of Pearl Jam, Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters and many, many more.

Faber Audiovisuals, commissioned by the Production Factory, was responsible for the supply of all LED screens, camera work and live streaming from the festival. Framing both the Main (South) Stage and 3FM Stage, ROE Visual LED screens were used to capture the on-stage action and live performances.

“For the 3FM stage we use 2 side screens of both 74m2, the LED display we use there is the MC7”, explains Steven Embregts, from Faber Audiovisuals, “While for the Main Stage we use two huge screens of 104m2 each, consisting of the Carbon series CB5 panels.”

The CB5 panels were supported by the newly released Air Frame support system. Air Frame is a lightweight touring system that is compatible with the Carbon series (CB5, CB8) panels. It provides a convenient all-in-one solution for hanging, stacking and transportation. The use of innovative technology for this carbon-fiber touring frame reduced valuable production time. The lightweight, folding frames minimalize trailer space, contributing to cost savings when compared to conventional touring frames.

“The LED screens for the main stage are really massive”, continues Embregts, “Measuring 13m. high and 8m. wide, we really had some considerations building these screens, building had to be both quick and safe. Structurally calculated to absorb high wind speeds, the ROE Visual Air Frame offers the ideal solution for us. We’re lucky to have them delivered just in time for this production”.

“We continuously monitor our customer’s needs”, comments Roelof Bouwman, Managing Director of ROE Visual Europe, “As soon as we knew the Air Frames were ready for production we informed Faber Audiovisual on the possibilities. A sneak-preview was given during the Prolight & Sound show, held in Frankfurt last April, this convinced Faber Audiovisuals to invest in this system. ROE Visual will officially launch the Air Frame system this week.”

“At first, we were a bit worried to damage the screens during the build; although very lightweight, with measurements 120x120cm. the CB5 panels are quite large, but during the build everything went smooth. The panels and the frames fit together perfectly and building a large LED wall like this is amazingly fast” concludes Embregts.

Products used:

  • ROE Visual Air Frame for Carbon series, incl. hanging bars
  • ROE Visual CB5 LED panels
  • ROE Visual MC7 LED panels

Photos courtesy of Steven Embregts, Faber Audiovisuals.