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PL+S 2018: Kinesys Promises Action-Packed Stand

UK based automation specialist and manufacturer Kinesys will feature an action packed stand – Booth D15 in Hall 3.0 – at the Prolight+Sound 2018 expo in Frankfurt.

The latest Kinesys Apex chain hoist system will be a big focus, and it will also be running an eye-catching motion controlled ‘art-tech’ centrepiece on the stand. Other popular Kinesys products like Elevation 1+, LibraCELL, DigiHoist and the Dimension Pendant controller will be highlighted.

Apex incorporates the best of Kinesys’ extensive knowledge and practical experience of working with variable speed chain hoist technology … to create a range of safe, reliable and rock-solid hoists and controllers which are designed to maximise creativity for show, stage and environment designers and operators in all fields of entertainment.

Central to the Apex system is a versatile hoist controller and two chain hoists, all specified and built to Kinesys’ exact specifications.

Apex was launched in 2017 and many key companies have already made the investment. Recently a system was used to great effect on the Melodifestivalen in Sweden, a six week tour which selected their 2018 Eurovision entry. The Apex range includes both 500kg and 1250kg hoists with maximum speeds of 30m/min and 12m/min respectively. All the hoists have integral loadcells, silent dual monitored brakes, absolute and incremental encoders … and meet the requirements of prEN17206, EN61508-SIL3 and DIN56950.

The drive units can be either rack or truss mounted for maximum adaptability relevant to the application. Pass-through connections for both power and data make cabling as simple and easy as possible, and standard power and Ethernet cables offer full flexibility.

A clear touchscreen display provides operators with essential feedback and allows manual control of the hoist from the controller itself.

Safety-over-data is fundamental to the Apex system, allowing bi-directional SIL3 safety information to pass over the data network. This permits multiple controllers to be linked together for group shutdown if required.

Intelligent duty cycle management software allows the drive to predict how much run-time the hoists have available, based on current running speed, temperature and load. This means operators can safely run moves over a long period of time in the correct conditions without concern that the hoist will be taken outside its safe working parameters.

Real time data logging is included, which records the hoist’s total run time, number of brake operations and keeps a record of the loads that have been lifted. This crucial information ensures that company owners, managers and other responsible parties and individuals can adjust their service schedule according to the actual usage of the hoist.

The entire range of Apex products will be available to view on the stand and in operation on the booth which features an eye-catching stand layout to demonstrate the precision and control of this innovative hoist system.

In addition to Apex, other Kinesys innovations on display will include the brand’s Elevation 1+ variable speed chain hoist control system. This has become one of the most popular choices for international shows and events wanting to safely, smoothly and reliably move objects of any type at varying speeds.

Elevation1+ removes the need for large quantities of cabling and allows a number of motors and controllers to be run via single power and data cables. Together with customised versions of the most popular models of chain hoist – Liftket, EXE, Lodestar etc – it is the most flexible and reliable variable speed ‘open system’ available on the market

Visitors can also look at the Kinesys DigiHoist fixed speed chain motor controllers and the LibraCELL load monitoring system, an invaluable tool for any rigging scenario to ensure that loads – static and dynamic – are constantly and accurately monitored in real-time.

DigiHoist control offers digital communications, limit monitoring, load and position feedback and group halt functionality in a compact package. At the core of the system is a digital communications link enabling multiple units to be ‘daisy-chained’ together and channels automatically assigned according to their position in the daisy-chain. A high resolution display offers comprehensive channel feedback including channel number, status and load cell information.

At the heart of LibraCELL is the Libra shackle pin, which is designed to work exclusively with the famous Crosby safety bow shackle. This innovative design means there is no loss of headroom as the load cell is built right into the shackle as a direct replacement for the renowned ‘red pin’. The Libra shackle maintains a safety factor of 5:1 up to the full rated load stamped on the side of the bow.

Built into the load cell is a clear, highly visible LED display showing the live load. A Tare value can be input and the display can quickly be switched between kilogrammes and pounds using a straightforward menu system.

The Dimension Pendant is a neat and full-featured hand-held device with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that has been designed in-house by the Kinesys team. The custom enclosure is ergonomic, compact, waterproof and includes all the hardware needed for the demands of both rigging set-up and show operation.