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HKG: Shure Asia Expands With New State-Of-The-Art Experience Center

Audio solutions manufacturer Shure Asia has marked its expansion into the Asia-Pacific market with the opening of its first Shure Experience Center in Hong Kong. Presented in a state-of-the-art, modern corporate environment, the first-of-its-kind demo facility aims to help customers find the ideal solution for their audio needs.

The Shure Experience Center comprises of a Boardroom, Huddle Room and Multi-Purpose Room, each with live product demonstration capabilities to provide application examples to Shure partners and customers in Asia.

Besides serving as a demo space, Shure Asia also utilizes the new facilities for internal needs, including video conferences with the company’s worldwide office locations, in-house meetings, as well as product trainings through the Shure Audio Institute.

In Shure Asia’s new state-of-the-art demo & work space, the meeting rooms are integrated with a Crestron processor, giving users complete control of all equipment at their fingertips. The central control system covers everything from the selection of microphone configurations or audio sources and volume control, to tele-and-video conferencing, TV and video presentation and room lighting. Everything can be set and easily managed through a custom-programmed app on iPads which are placed in each room.

Traditional conference phones are also no longer existent in the Shure Experience Center to provide simpler and cleaner working environments. Microphone systems in the rooms are directly connected to VoIP systems. Numbers can be dialled directly on the central control iPad, and the room loudspeakers provide sound reinforcement.

Cables are hardly found in the new demo facilities either with the use of wireless presentation servers, and meeting participants can now wirelessly share their computer screens on the large TVs. The solution also allows several participants to share their content at the same time via a split screen, making collaboration even easier.

Last but not least, each room also has a Crestron room scheduling system installed at the door, allowing to quickly check whether and how long the various meeting rooms are available. The scheduling system is connected to the company’s Outlook calendar to allow fast, real-time booking.

For customers who are interested in conference systems with advanced meeting management capabilities, the Shure DCS 6000 Digital Conference System is also readily available for demonstration. A DIS-CCU central unit is installed in a server room next to the Boardroom, with pre-wired DCS-LAN connection in the conduit of the Boardroom table allowing for fast setup of the delegate units.