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SGP: MIDAS M32 Training Kicks Off In Singapore with Consolidated Audio Networks

Singapore-based MIDAS Partner, Consolidated Audio Networks Pte Ltd (CAN), recently hosted its first introductory MIDAS M32 training course at its headquarters’ training facility, and has been deemed a remarkable success.

The ‘Fundamentals of Mixing’ training course was designed and delivered by CAN audio engineers, Chad Batchelor and Colin Oliveiro. The first course of its kind for CAN, was attended by 10 audio professionals, providing them with practical information and knowledge on applications of the MIDAS M32 console, with discussions and Q&A embedded into the session.

Hands-on training is also part of the course and allows trainees the opportunity to record their own mixes, which for some attendees, is their first time mixing on the MIDAS M32 desk. During this module of the course, users are familiarised with all M32 board functions i.e. buses, VCA, matrixing and multitrack recording.

“This is our first MIDAS training event and you can really feel how excited people are to get hands-on with a MIDAS M32 console, and especially from those engineers starting out in their career. We’re excited that some attendees are now keen to move on to the M32 for their own events so this is definitely a training that we will be continuing with,” comments course leader Chad Batchelor.

The ground-breaking MIDAS M32 console combines legendary MIDAS sound quality with advanced digital technology, future-proof open architecture design and industry-leading 196 kHz ADC and DAC converters. The console has received industry accolades worldwide through-out the pro-audio industry.