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Penn Elcom: Three Innovative New Climate Control Products For 19 Inch Racking Systems

The CRC02-DTC, the FT-DTC and the FT01-Q-DTC – are all thermostatically controlled for optimised heat management in 19 inch racking installations.

Digital control gives refined and super accurate heat management via continuous temperature minoring and ‘set-and-forget’ fan control. All the products are optimised for quiet running, have over-temperature alarms and benefit from running off a universal power supply.

The units are engineered to the robust and reliable specifications common to all Penn Elcom products.

The CRC02 thermo exhaust blower is a completely new 2U virtually silent (22.5 dBA) fan exhaust unit designed especially for use with 19 inch equipment rack units, to expel air from the front of the rack unit.

It can be fitted either in-between the racked equipment or at the top of the rack unit to expel hot air quickly and efficiently via the angled fan blower outlets … which allow the extraction of hot air nearer to the heat source.

Quiet operation makes the CRC02 ideal for theatres, boardrooms, hospitals, smart-homes and a wide variety of other entertainment, commercial and domestic environments and installations where low noise is crucial.

Three premium 9-bladed 120mm Swiss fans – with polycarbonate grills rather than metal – reduce vibration noise – and other high grade components include Japanese fluid bearings.

There’s an easy-to-read display on the front and a thermal PTC input sensor, with a metre lead as standard, ensures accurate assessment of the ambient temperature of the equipment being cooled.

The CRC02 is supplied with a 12V DC 1A world universal power supply.

The new FT01-Q-DTC is a slimline 1U rack mountable quiet tray fan unit and is designed to sit at the top of a 19 inch rack system and move hot air up through the rack as required.

This is an upgrade to a previously extremely popular – more basic – Penn Elcom temperature control product, setting a new standard in digital cooling and has been developed in response to client demand for increasingly sophisticated heat management.

The FT01-Q-DTC is also low noise product and the high-end Japanese fluid bearings feature a hardened plate for low friction, a steel shaft plus high precision bearing and lubricant. The fans again feature Swiss blades.

The operational factory setting of 30 degrees resets as the temperature falls by 4 degrees and custom settings can be programmed using the user-friendly front-panel buttons.

The third product to be launched is the 1U FT-DTC – a rack mountable Digital Thermostatic Controller which can be used to monitor all of Penn’s low noise DC fan units – currently the CRC01, FT01QT, FT02, FT03, FT06 and FT06X.

Features include continuous rack temperature monitoring using the plug-in PTC sensor, ‘set-and-forget’ fan control, a fan run LED indicator and over-temperature alarm. Fan trays are connected via CRC link cable from the rear output socket.

Ruggedly constructed, it’s finished in black powder-coated steel and has a light and practical weight of just 1 Kg.

The launch of the new products is part of an expansion of Penn Elcom’s rack cooling and heat management ranges which are being manufactured in their facilities in the UK, Mexico and China, and available throughout the worldwide distribution network.