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INTL: Announces Record Results

Software provider has enjoyed the best six months ever for sales and usage stats of their off-the-shelf design and documentation product range with growth approaching 25% during 2015.

Indeed, the company recorded its best quarter ever during Q4 2015 followed by an even better Q1 2016. “This is a fantastic result on a number of levels,” said CEO, Rob Robinson.

“It’s the first time in the history of (which was incorporated in 2000) that we have had consecutive record quarters. Even more significant is the fact that, like many companies and for cyclical reasons, we traditionally enjoy better Q4s than Q1s, so to have a record quarter after a record Q4 is particularly notable.”

The usage stats also bear out the success of Stardraw Design 7: logins on Design 7 have gone from an average of 9,000 per month in 2014 to 11,000 per month in 2015 and from there to a whopping 15,000+ logins recorded in March 2016.

“The figures show a significant increase in terms of usage,” observed Robinson.

“There are doubtless a number of factors that explain this positive shift, but we think that it is due to in part to the increased accessibility of Stardraw Design 7, as well, of course, as the constant improvements, refinements and new features we have been adding over the years. As a result we have a product that can be fully tailored to our customers’ requirements and budget thanks to its modular nature.

“We have also improved accessibility by moving to a new, subscription-based business model which allows customers to pay a small amount monthly rather than a single annual fee. This is a much better solution for cash-flow management and ensures that customers are always enjoying the most up-to-date version of the software.”

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