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Shure: KSM8 Dualdyne Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

A groundbreaking feat of engineering design, the KSM8 is the world’s first dual-diaphragm dynamic handheld microphone for revolutionary vocal reproduction and accurate sound-reinforcement and control. The KSM8 is designed for live sound performances where vocal clarity and sound clarity are absolutely critical.

Key features:

  • The microphone has virtually no proximity effect, a mastery of off-axis rejection and an output accuracy that requires none of the presence peaks or roll-offs that are typical of other dynamic microphones, thus virtually eliminating the need for EQ and processing.
  • The KSM8 features the purest cardioid polar pattern that Shure has developed to-date, providing the most consistent on-axis performance regardless of the performer’s microphone technique.
  • The ability to virtually eliminate proximity effect and master off-axis rejection is powered by the patented Dualdyne cartridge of the KSM8, which features two ultra-thin diaphragms—one active and one passive—and a groundbreaking inverted airflow system.
  • The pneumatic shock mount offers exceptional rejection of handling noise without any loss of low frequency response.
  • A dent-resistant, hardened carbon-steel grille design lined with hydrophobic woven fabric provides exceptional plosive and wind protection, while offering virtually waterproof protection.
  • The aluminium handle—which is available in a brushed nickel or black finish—completes the KSM8’s clean and sophisticated design aesthetic that is a seamless addition to any stage.
  • The KSM8 is available as a wireless capsule, the RPW174, in black finish for use with professional Shure wireless systems.