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theLAB Opens for Streaming of Virtual Events

theLAB is a collaboration between The Production People (TPP), AV Production and Eyeris Studio. TPP is known in the industry for providing cutting-edge production solutions and experienced crew for events. AV Production specialises in providing band setups for international artistes and is well equipped to meet any tech riders. Eyeris Studios

Sheldon Gooi on the Impact of COVID-19 and the Events Industry

Sheldon Gooi is the owner of The Production People (TPP), an established production company based in Singapore. He also wears the hat of President of the non-profit Singapore Talent, Artistes and Resources (STAR) association. STAR is a national body representing freelancers from the events and entertainment industry. The association aims

SGP: The Production People Ups Its Game

Sheldon with the A&L team and the Mythos

Sheldon with the A&L team and the Mythos The Production People ("TPP") is a full-service technical production company providing premium quality audio, lighting and video equipment for all types of events. They take a no-compromise approach to their work and only use the best-in-class equipment. Along with a team of crew