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ITA: DTS fixtures turn on the lights for Social Music City

The former railway station of Porta Romana is one of the 'historic' areas of Milan waiting to be recovered with a project of urban revaluation. Since 2015, 'Social Music City' has enhanced that unused space with its tensio-structure, attracting thousands of young people thanks to the DJ sets of the best

PL+S 2018: DTS Lighting’s Touch of Light

DTS is proud to announce their world premiere of their new SYNERGY 5, a high-power LED moving head with rotating framing system. Features of the new LED include: 49,900 Lux (4.6° @ 5 m) 4.6° - 43° zoom range (over 1:9) Dynamove FX engine Virtual Animation Wheel Rotating framing system DMX-selectable

CZE: CORE highlights ‘Extravaganza Prague’ at O2 Arena

‘Extravaganza’ is a high-profile corporate event, organized by the multinational Herbalife in the world’s most prestigious cities. The last edition took place in Prague’s O2 Arena. The ‘Extravaganza’ organization has been entrusted to Planet Service, specialized company in design and implementation of international events. The Planet Service staff described ‘Extravaganza’: “Extravaganza

EC: Panecillo’s Virgin lights up with DTS

The statue of Panecillo’s Virgin, World Heritage site, is located on the Panecillo hill, just outside the city center of Quito (Ecuador) and represents the city from the 18th century. Last October the municipality, according to the MTE (Empresa Mantenimiento Técnico Especializado), the electrical enterprise of the city required a

ITA: DTS in history with Rockin’ 1000 ‘That’s Live’

For the first time ever a band of 1,200 musicians performed before an enthusiastic audience in a concert worthy to enter the Guinness Book of Records. On the lawn of the Manuzzi stadium in Cesena, Italy, the 1200 musicians played a real concert before an audience of 13,000 (the tickets were