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GIS Partners Strategically to Focus on Quality Education

Renowned for its extensive range of hoists and lifting equipment that have been designed to meet the diverse needs of the live event and AV industries, Swiss manufacturer GIS has recently forged a strategic partnership with Giant Truss to expand its footprint in the Indian market.

The brand’s product portfolio includes electric chain hoists, control systems, and rigging accessories, all engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. And Urs Koch, Key Account Manager – Export at GIS, affirmed that these products and systems are poised to significantly impact the Indian market, offering solutions that cater to various applications, from small-scale events to large concerts and exhibitions.

During his first visit to India, Koch expressed his surprise and optimism regarding the Indian market’s potential. “The interest in this market is huge,” he remarked. “India, being the largest country by population, presents a significant opportunity for growth. The focus on safety is becoming increasingly important, which is a positive trend. Educating and training people to understand and correctly use our products is essential to avoid problems and ensure safety.”

The partnership with Giant Truss is a crucial element of GIS’s strategy in India; as Koch highlighted Giant Truss‘s extensive market knowledge and robust network as key factors in the decision to collaborate. “Giant Truss has a deep understanding of the local market dynamics and aligns perfectly with our growth ambitions,” Koch explained. “This alliance aims to enhance our reach, ensuring our high-quality products are accessible to a broader audience across various verticals, including live events, concerts, theatre productions, and corporate events.”

With reliability, precision, and innovation at the core of the brand’s expansion strategy, Koch identified key products expected to impact the Indian market significantly, such as the LPML500 and LPM250 electric chain hoists, and the GPM winches, which offer unparalleled precision in motion control. “Our products are engineered to deliver superior performance and safety, which are critical in live event environments,” said Koch. “We are confident these technologies will set new benchmarks in the Indian market.”

Furthermore, he explained that a cornerstone of GIS’s strategy is the emphasis on education and training; as he stressed the importance of customers being well-informed about the products and systems before making an investment. “We believe educating our customers is essential for them to fully leverage the capabilities of our products,” he noted.
GIS, in collaboration with Giant Truss, plans to organise a series of workshops and training sessions across India. These initiatives will provide hands-on experience with GIS’s products and cover essential topics such as safety standards, maintenance practices, and advanced usage techniques. “Our goal is to empower our customers with knowledge that will help them maximise the potential of our technologies and ensure the safety and success of their events,” Koch explained.

While the live event sector remains a primary focus, GIS is also exploring opportunities in other verticals such as film production, theme parks, and sports facilities. The versatility and adaptability of GIS’s products make them suitable for a wide range of applications. Koch emphasised the company’s interest in tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of different industries within the Indian market.

Koch reiterated GIS’s commitment to quality and safety, urging customers to be discerning in their choices. “As a user, you can choose to go for a lower-cost option, but understanding the quality and safety implications is crucial,” he advised. “It’s important for buyers and users to know what they are purchasing and to try different products and systems before making a decision.”

GIS’s partnership with Giant Truss and its focus on education and training represent a significant advancement for the live event and AV technology sectors in India. Despite the current lack of a concrete training programme, Koch assured that it is a priority for the future. “We started with Giant Truss two months ago, and we have plans to develop a rather comprehensive approach for training and education. This will involve me sharing my knowledge with Giant Truss, who will then disseminate this information to their customers,” Koch explained.