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Jaipur Event Specialist Steps Up Audio Game with JBL

A burgeoning event equipment rental service provider based out of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India, ‘The Sensation’, has significantly bolstered its loudspeaker inventory by investing in the acclaimed VTX A Series system from JBL.

The Sensation’s latest investment includes 18 units of the VTX A12 dual 12″ line array loudspeakers and 18 units of the B28 arrayable dual-18” high-performance subwoofers. Additionally, the company has also added 8 units of the VTX A8 dual 8″ compact line array loudspeakers, 8 units of the VTX M22 dual 12” professional stage monitors, and 4 units of the PRX ONE all-in-one powered column loudspeakers. And to support this extensive loudspeaker system, team Sensation has also acquired 6 units of the i-Tech 4x3500HD and 15 units of the i-Tech 12000HD power amplifiers, ensuring robust amplification for their new equipment.

“From the quality perspective – the live event industry here is evolving rapidly, and the expectations for sound quality are higher than ever. By upgrading to JBL’s VTX A Series, we are positioning ourselves at the forefront of the industry, ready to deliver exceptional audio experiences that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations” commented Pankaj Jangid of The Sensation, as he indicates that this comprehensive upgrade underscores the company’s commitment to delivering world-class audio solutions for a variety of live events.

Elaborating on the reasons for choosing the VTX A series system, Jangid informed “This strategic investment is a calculated move to enhance our company’s ability to cater to a broader spectrum of live event formats. With the inclusion of the VTX A12, our company now boasts advanced line array technology that promises exceptional sound clarity and coverage. On the other hand, the B28 subwoofers will provide the deep, immersive bass that is critical for high-energy concerts and large-scale events. Alongside, the addition of the VTX A8 line array loudspeakers expands our capability to deliver premium sound for smaller, more intimate venues. Meanwhile, the VTX M22 stage monitors ensure that performers on stage experience clear and accurate audio, enhancing their performance. And the PRX ONE’s versatility will come handy for a diverse range of applications. Finally, the i-Tech power amplifiers will undoubtedly play a critical role in guaranteeing that this cutting-edge equipment will operate at peak performance.”

The company firmly believes that with this significant investment, team Sensation is well-equipped to handle the audio demands of any event, ensuring that every performance is delivered with precision and clarity. And in doing so, the company aims to not only enhance its reputation as a leading event equipment rental service provider in Jaipur but also set a new benchmark for audio quality in the region.