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DOREMi Investment in Advanced RCF and Sennheiser for Audio System Rental

DOREMi has announced its recent investment in cutting-edge audio equipment. The company has acquired 12 RCF NXL24-A MK2 speakers, 12 RCF SUB8004AS subwoofers, and 28 Sennheiser EW-D/DX Series wireless microphone systems. This significant investment marks a major milestone in DOREMi’s expansion into the audio production landscape, enhancing its capability to deliver top-notch sound quality for various events.

Founded in 1979, DOREMi has grown into a prominent player in the event production industry, known for its commitment to delivering exceptional audio and visual experiences. As part of its expansion strategy, DOREMi is dedicated to continuously upgrading its equipment and services to meet the evolving needs of its clients. This latest investment is a testament to the company’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to staying at the forefront of audio technology.

The RCF NXL24-A MK2 is a line array column speaker engineered from the ground up to deliver stellar audio performance, making it an excellent choice for rental companies. With RCF’s proprietary FiRPHASE and Bass Motion Control DSP processing, the NXL24-A MK2 offers unparalleled sound clarity and powerful bass response. Its rugged, tour-ready cabinet is easy to carry and install, ensuring quick setup times without compromising audio performance.

Paired with the SUB8004AS sub woofer, this system is perfect for rental companies needing efficient and reliable sound solutions.

“As we expand further into the corporate event business, having an excellent speaker system that can be ground stacked or flown gives us the flexibility to cater to different venue needs,” said CK Lam, Chief Operating Officer of DOREMi. “We considered various active column array speakers and were impressed with the audio clarity and powerful bass from the RCF system. With the RCF NXL24-A MK2, our team can meet short turnaround times for setup, and our clients are very happy with the speaker performance.”

The Sennheiser EW-D/DX Series has also been a game-changer for DOREMi. “A robust and easy-to-use system has been our top priority. The Sennheiser EW-D/DX series’ ease of use has greatly benefited our operational team,” added Lam.

Michelle Yeo, Business Development Director from Acoustic & Lighting System, shared, “We are glad our proposed RCF and Sennheiser systems bring value to DOREMi, and we thank them for their support. RCF is known for its powerful performance, and we aim to raise awareness of the potential of this active line array column system in the market.”

DOREMi’s culture is people-oriented, focusing on providing its team with exposure to new systems and comprehensive training. This not only enhances operational ease but also ensures that the company’s workforce is well-equipped to handle the latest technology, ultimately benefiting clients with superior service.

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