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Claypaky Volero Wave and Scenius Profiles Go Rinkside for Holiday On Ice “No Limits” Tour

Marking the 80th anniversary tour of Holiday On Ice, the 2023-24 ”No Limits Tour” was created by AED Studios in Lint, Belgium and played 174 performances in 21 cities across Germany with Claypaky Volero Wave and Scenius Profiles, from tour lighting provider Rentall Europe, lighting the figure skating spectacular.

“No Limits” and its 40 skaters and artists spanned many imaginative settings, from monster battles to Roman chariot races to the Wild West. The show also pushed the technical standards of live entertainment with an impressive three-dimensional, 200-square-meter LED screen, approximately 300 projectors and a unique kinetic lighting installation.
Lighting Designer Tim Routledge and Lighting Programmer James Scott focused on crafting a visually stunning and immersive environment that elevated the performances with innovative lighting design and accounted for the 180º audience configuration surrounding the ice rink.

“The tour’s design seamlessly integrated dynamic lighting with the fluid movements of the skaters, transforming the venue into a captivating spectacle of vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and synchronized lighting effects that enhanced the choreography on the ice,” said Lighting Desk Operator Kieran Carlin.

The base of the lighting design was a main grid with 225 kinetic fixtures suspended over the ice, two side trusses running the full length of the ice, a front truss, and four trusses around the main grid to highlight the ice. The stage was constructed with a massive LED screen and the design meticulously adapted to allow video effects to interact with the kinetic lighting creating an illusion of depth and enhancing the overall visual impact. A cube configuration reflecting the stage design provided a cohesive visual experience from all angles.

68 units of Claypaky Scenius Profiles were chosen for their versatility and ability to serve multiple functions, including ice wash, key lighting, gobo projections, straight beam effects and delivering vibrant colours. Special gobos were added for specific visual effects in the show, such as a giant chessboard. The shapers were extensively used to cut through the ice, create specials and support the overall visual effects.

Additionally, 16 units of Claypaky Volero Wave were positioned in four groups in a square around the main grid over the ice. This setup allowed the Voleros to create effects on both the ice and the audience surrounding the rink. The fixtures showcased impressive technical capabilities, including fast movement, dynamic and fluid transitions between lighting effects, and the ability to project a vast array of visual elements, from large, sweeping lines to intricate patterns composed of numerous small dots.

“Throughout the tour, the Claypaky Scenius Profile and Volero fixtures provided consistent and versatile lighting effects that enhanced each performance,” noted Carlin. “The Volero fixtures, in particular, were positioned very close to pyro effects and proved to be highly reliable, experiencing no significant issues over six months with only basic maintenance. This reliability ensured seamless execution and contributed to the overall success of the show.”

Carlin reported that Rentall Europe provided comprehensive technical assistance and collaborated closely with the production crew to ensure the optimal setup and performance of the Scenius Profile and Volero fixtures. “It was also very nice to have Claypaky Community Management behind us, offering further support and resources throughout the tour,” he concluded.