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INFiLED LED on Display at 10th World Water Forum

INFiLED showcased its cutting-edge GX2.5mk2 and AP2.5 Series at the 10th World Water Forum in Bali, Indonesia. The event was dedicated to promoting global water conservation and sustainable management under the theme “Water Shared Prosperity.”

INFiLED’s innovative solutions were showcased at two prestigious venues: the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) and the Grand Hyatt. In collaboration with Argo Visual and its esteemed partners – Invi Bali, R&R Bali, CGVP, M-Squad, and Xcell Visual – the company delivered a visually stunning experience. At the BNDCC, the AP2.5, covering an impressive 126m2, was showcased at the entrance of Nusa Dua Hall, while the GX2.5mk2 captured the attention of attendees at the entrance of Pecatu Hall. Additionally, a combination of GX2.5mk2 and AP2.5 was installed in 7 conference rooms, covering 147 m2, and in the Grand Hyatt, covering a total of 121.5m2.

The screens utilized in this event from the AP series exhibit a refresh rate of 7680Hz and an impressive contrast ratio of 10000:1. This guarantees the smooth display of high-definition images, regardless of the lighting conditions. Moreover, these screens have been designed with user experience in mind, incorporating a patented quick lock system. This system utilizes positioning columns and holes to securely connect the cabinets, allowing for precise alignment of upper and lower cabinets. As a result, the workload is reduced, and the installation process is expedited.

During the forum, the GXmk2 series screens, featuring a precise pixel pitch of 2.5mm, were utilized to showcase water-related matters that are of great public interest. These screens effectively displayed the innovative content in stunning high definition, captivating the audience’s attention. In addition, this series of screens played a vital role in effectively conveying important information with their vibrant high-colour displays. Throughout the event, the screens proved to be dependable, displaying detailed and realistic images that enhanced the overall theme presentation.