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Brompton Powers G-WORKS’ SITE V Studio in Japan

G-WORKS, a Japanese creative content production company, has launched SITE V, the largest photography studio in Japan’s Chugoku and Shikoku regions. SITE V includes a spacious studio fully equipped with sophisticated Virtual Production facilities featuring Brompton Technology LED processing to answer the burgeoning demand for this increasingly popular production technology.

Working in close collaboration with Ark Ventures Inc., one of the leading systems integration and installation companies, G-WORKS will celebrate SITE V’s official opening in June. Kenji Yoshikawa, CEO of G-WORKS, said: “Thanks to SITE V, we’re able to fully utilise Virtual Production (VP) technology, as well as bring additional value and creative proposals tailored to each market. We also hope to preserve cultural heritage such as traditional crafts and provide a place for emotional education for future generations.”

“VP is becoming the must-have technology in the global creative industry,” noted Shinya Tanigawa, COO at Ark Ventures Japan. “It is already an indispensable filming method for Hollywood movie making which harnesses the superb quality and scale of LED displays to enable new time- and cost-efficient production.”

Camera movement is linked to the background image to enable complex camerawork that would be impossible in real filming and the capture of realistic images that appear to have been filmed on location, but without the actors or film crew having to travel there. The technique continues to garner attention across the creative industry, including being used in domestic commercials.

Brompton Technology has provided its multi-award-winning LED processing technology to drive the massive LED walls at the heart of Studio 1 at SITE V, recreating reality as accurately as possible at the main studio in the complex. Studio1 is sufficiently spacious (at 376m², 9m high) to film cars, smaller boats, large trucks, cranes, and even large construction machinery such as hydraulic excavators, like those manufactured by G-WORKS’ affiliate company Taguchi, which designs and builds excavator attachments at its headquarters in Japan.

The system includes four 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors and six Tessera XD 10G data distribution units to ensure the very best quality and reliability across the ROE Visual RB2.6F LED screens, including the 10.5m by 6m (4,032 x 2,304 pixel) main screen as well as those on the sides and ceiling. Ark Ventures also provided two Disguise VX4+ media servers for low-latency media playback and three rxII render server, in-camera VFZ from Unreal Engine and the Mo-Sys Star Tracker Max tracking systems.

SITE V is also developing a school for organisations wanting to produce their own social media content in-house, as well as for working adults and students wanting to learn practical video production techniques.

“Virtual Production is a pioneering technology which relies on displaying realistic images on an LED wall. Our LED processing solutions are renowned not only for their colour quality, but also for their reliability, which is backed by our 24/7 expertise, and are the perfect fit for SITE V. We look forward to seeing the studio in action over the coming days,” concluded Elijah Ebo, Director of APAC Operations at Brompton.

SITE V facility is located at 678-1 Kamibayashi-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa 761-0302. For inquiries, please call 086-813-7035.

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