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Shure GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless Now Shipping

Shure is now shipping its suite of GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless products, originally launched at the 2017 Winter NAMM Show.

The new suite of products and accessories is the latest addition to the GLX-D Digital Wireless line, and includes the GLX-D Advanced Frequency Manager, rack mount receiver system, remote antennas, and accessories. GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless products are suitable for outfitting Houses of Worship, educational institutions, auditoriums, or event venues with multiple wireless system requirements.

GLX-D Advanced allows install customers to benefit from GLX-D features, including exceptional digital audio, automatic frequency management, and intelligent rechargeable batteries. Using the new Frequency Manager, GLX-D Advanced users can seamlessly and confidently operate up to nine simultaneous systems in typical conditions (11 channels in optimal conditions).

With a new rack-mountable configuration, GLX-D Advanced enables up to six GLXD4R receivers to be linked to a GLX-D Advanced Frequency Manager through the RF ports. To simplify installation, the Frequency Manager automatically assigns optimal frequencies to all six receivers using patented data communication through the existing RF cables. Linking two Frequency Managers together enables the use of additional rack mount systems.

More details on GLX-D Advance Digital Wireless may be found here.