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SoundMindz and JBL Craft Sonic Revelry At Holi High 2024

Holi, the vibrant festival of colours, holds a special place in the tapestry of Indian culture. Rooted in mythology and folklore, it symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and the arrival of spring, inviting people to shed inhibitions, come together, and revel in the kaleidoscope of hues that paint the atmosphere. In modern times, Holi has evolved into a celebration of joy, unity, and the spirit of togetherness, resonating with people across the globe.

In 2024, the MMRDA Grounds in Mumbai’s bustling BKC became the pulsating epicenter of Holi festivities as the Holi High mega event unfolded, transcending conventional music experiences to offer an immersive extravaganza like no other. This year, the organizers orchestrated a symphony of music and water, intertwining beats with aqua elements to create an enchanting ambiance that captivated the senses and ignited the soul.

With Holi High 2024 mesmerizing attendees who danced away to electrifying beats and chart-topping music, the event showcased a diverse range of popular music genres, catering to varied tastes and preferences. The lineup featured acclaimed artists such as Sukhwinder Singh, Stebin Ben, Gurdeep Mehndi, and many more, ensuring a captivating musical journey for all in attendance.

All things in tow; one of the undeniable highlights of Holi High 2024 was its unwavering commitment to production quality. The stage, a plush and visually enchanting spectacle, served as the centre-piece of the event, complemented by state-of-the-art sound systems that enveloped the audience in a pristine soundscape, amplifying the euphoria of the moment. Spearheading the technical prowess behind the scenes was Mumbai-based solution provider SoundMindz, entrusted with the task of orchestrating a technological marvel that would deliver an unparalleled auditory experience.

SoundMindz left no stone unturned in crafting an immersive sonic landscape that would resonate with every soul present. Surveying the venue’s dynamics and aligning with the event curators’ vision, SoundMindz meticulously devised a plan leveraging cutting-edge technologies to ensure consistency and immersion. Central to this endeavour was the deployment of an all JBL by Harman Professional loudspeaker rig, meticulously tailored to meet the venue’s expansive dimensions and the diverse requirements of the performers.

The main PA solution featured a total of 32 units of the VTX A12 dual 12″ line array modules flanking the stage in a stereo hang as the primary PA solution that delivered unparalleled clarity and coverage. To ensure an encompassing experience for all attendees, a total of 12 units of the VTX A8 dual 8″ compact line array modules were suspended as outriggers on either side of the primary PA system, while an additional 12 units of the VTX A8 modules served as the frontfill reinforcement solution, thereby guaranteeing a consistent sonic experience from every vantage point.

Complementing the VTX line array modules were JBL’s powerful subwoofers, which included the formidable VTX B28 dual 18-inch subs and the compact yet potent VTX B18 subs, strategically deployed to enhance the low-end impact and fill the venue with pulsating bass frequencies. Artist monitoring on-stage was equally prioritized, as 6 units of the VTX A8 modules paired with 4 units of the VTX B18 subs served as in-fill reinforcement, while multiple units of the VTX M series professional stage monitors served as the floor-monitoring solution – thereby ensuring performers were emphatically immersed in a world-class sonic environment. Finally, driving the entire loudspeaker system were Crown Audio’s robust and efficient power amplifiers, delivering the necessary power and precision to uphold the integrity of the audio experience.

“From the front row to the farthest reaches of the venue, every audience member and artist alike was enveloped in a symphony of world-class sound, transcending the ordinary to create moments of pure euphoria and connection” read a statement from SoundMindz.

In conclusion, one could say that Holi High 2024 at the MMRDA Grounds in BKC Mumbai was more than just a music event; it was an odyssey of the senses, a celebration of joy, and a testament to the transformative power of music and community. Through its innovative integration of music and water, its commitment to production quality, and its unwavering dedication to crafting immersive soundscapes, the event left an indelible mark on all who were fortunate enough to partake in its magic, reaffirming the enduring allure of Holi and the boundless potential of human creativity.