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Updated Par Z Fixtures Offer the Perfect Fusion Of Classic Style & Modern LED Technology

A staple of concerts, theatre productions and venue lighting systems for decades, par cans have an indisputably iconic look. ADJ’s original Par Z fixtures took this classic external design and gave it a new lease of life by combining it with potent and highly efficient LED light engines. Now, ADJ has revisited this concept to create updated versions of these best-selling fixtures. The new PAR Z100 3K2, PAR Z100 5K2 and PAR Z150 RGBA, which feature a number of small upgrades and improvements on the original models, are the perfect modern par can for every kind of stage or entertainment lighting application.

These LED-powered fixtures look exactly the same as a regular black par can, but inside their casing is housed a powerful LED light source. Offering output comparable to a 1000W sealed beam par, but producing a fraction of the excess heat, the PAR Z100 3K2, PAR Z100 5K2 and PAR Z150 RGBA are ideal for illuminating stages while ensuring that performers won’t get too hot, reducing power consumption, and removing the need for regular lamp replacements.

The PAR Z100 3K2 features a warm white 100-Watt C.O.B. (Chip On Board) LED source with a colour temperature of 3000K, which offers a good approximation to the output of a traditional warm white halogen lamp. The PAR Z100 5K2 is fitted with a cool white C.O.B LED source with a colour temperature of 5000K, which makes for a starker and more intense beam. Both models offer a CRI in excess of 90, which ensures that skin tones appear natural when they are used to illuminate performers and colours look realistic when they are used to light stage sets.

These two fixtures each offer an adjustable beam angle of 9, 15, 20, 25 or 30°, which can be easily changed using a manual latch system. This makes them extremely versatile, suitable for both spotlighting and stage washing duties. They are also supplied with gel frames that can be used to mount colour and diffusion filters (sold separately), which adds to the flexibility of these unique fixtures.

The PAR Z150 RGBA is a colour version, which harnesses the power of a 150-Watt RGBA C.O.B. LED engine to generate an even wash and extremely smooth colour mixing with no colour shadows. By combining varied amounts of the red, green, blue, and amber primary LED colour elements, users can achieve an almost limitless palette of colours including bold vibrant hues and subtle pastel shades. 64 macros are also supplied that allow quick selection of popular colours to allow fast programming. The fixture also offers variable colour temperature for white light washes, making it an ideal fixture for stage lighting, covering both key light and colour washing duties. The colour temperature can be adjusted between 2300K (very warm) and 9900K (extremely cool) with a series of presets providing easy access to popular temperatures. Manual adjustment on this fixture also allows easy selection between five beam angle options – 7, 11.5, 16, 20.5 or 25°– and a gel frame is included which can be used to introduce a diffusion filter (sold separately) to offer further beam angle options.

With a life expectancy rated at 50,000 hours, the C.O.B. LED light sources that power these fixtures should never need to be replaced, no matter how much use they get. This removes the expense of replacement lamps and the worry that one will go part way through an important show. In addition to 0-100% flicker-free dimming, with a choice of four different dimming curves and six dimming modes, these LED-powered par fixtures also offer variable speed strobing between 0.6Hz and 7.5Hz.

Each unit is fitted with 5-pin DMX input and output sockets and a 4-line digital LED display screen, together with four corresponding push buttons. These provide access to an intuitive menu-driven interface which allows convenient DMX addressing and mode selection. The PAR Z100 3K2 and PAR Z100 5K2 models each offer a choice of three DMX control modes (1, 3 or 4-channel), while the PAR Z150 RGBA supports nine DMX modes (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12-channel) – allow for varying levels of control complexity to suit a wide variety of different applications.

Just like a regular par, the Par Z fixtures each feature an adjustable hanging bracket that can be securely locked into place using two plastic thumb-tightening screws. The fixtures also offer locking power input and output connection sockets. And, thanks to their low power draw, multiple units can be daisy-chained together from a single power outlet (up to 25 Par Z100 3K2 fixtures @ 230V).

All three models are the same size and shape as a regular par can, measuring 19.25” x 10.94” x 10.68” / 489mm x 277.7mm x 271.1mm (LxWxH), and have the same robust metal construction. Each fixture weighs in at a very manageable 7.94 lbs. / 3.6kg. This lightweight, yet strong design makes the units ideal for use on touring productions and one-off events as well as for permanent installation in theatres and concert venues.

Black metal barn doors, PAR64-BD, are available as an optional extra, which are compatible with all three of the new Par Z fixtures. They help users to manually shape where the light shines using four leaves that can each be independently positioned. The barn door assembly is attached to the fixture through insertion into the gel frame holder clip.