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Picture Productions And J Live Embrace A Quantum Shift With DiGiCo

The Quantum 338 by DiGiCo has undoubtedly made waves within the Indian live event market since its launch in 2021, and its continued acquisitions by some of India’s leading event equipment service providers across the country have only solidified its position as a game-changer in the industry.

Two of India’s most noted technical service providers, Chennai-based Picture Productions and Ahmedabad-based J Live (Jagdish Sound) have added to this technological trend – as Picture Productions have acquired the Quantum 338 console along with 2 units of the SD Rack for enhanced I/O and routing capabilities, while J Live have added the Quantum 338 along with a single unit of the SD Rack.

Team Picture Productions highlights the Quantum 338’s remarkable adaptability and network capabilities as key factors influencing their decision, as they emphasize its support for DMI Cards and Dante which offers dependable network-enabled solutions for complex events like tours, festivals, and corporate gatherings. Moreover, they praise its user-friendly interface, specifically mentioning the True Solo function and the native FPGA processing options like the Spice Rack plugin style, Mustard, and Nodal processing. However, the company affirms what truly sealed the deal for Picture Productions was DiGiCo’s consistent support across their product line and the seamless compatibility between older and newer consoles, which ensures that every engineer, regardless of experience, can easily transition to the Quantum 338, thereby allowing the company to offer clients a world-class sonic experience with unparalleled flexibility.

On the other hand, Team J Live focuses on the Quantum 338’s advanced features and capabilities that guarantee maximum ROI and exceptional performance, while commending its ergonomic design, functionality, and power – all of which make it a preferred choice for performers, artists, and event producers alike. Specifically, they highlight the console’s smooth interface and its unique functions tailored to the Quantum range, such as the True Solo function and the native FPGA processing options.

Moreover, they stress the importance of the Quantum 338’s support for DMI Cards and Dante, enabling seamless integration into intricate event setups. For J Live, the Quantum 338’s ability to deliver superior sound, features, and reliability solidified their decision to invest in this cutting-edge technology, ensuring they can offer their clients the very best in live event experiences.