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Clear-Com Introduces Gen-IC Cloud Intercom and SkyPort Virtual System Management Platform

In a strategic move towards virtual technology, Clear-Com’s Gen-IC Cloud Intercom system is a secure and flexible virtual intercom solution that allows users to easily integrate on-premise hardware with virtual intercom clients.

Designed for scalability, Gen-IC Cloud Intercom will be sold through Clear-Com’s extensive global network of Reseller Partners and will allow end-users to quickly ramp up multiple virtual clients as needed, with the unique capability of integrating with Clear-Com’s extensive hardware infrastructure over LAN, WAN, and the Internet.

The issue of latency is especially important for audio comms, and Clear-Com has developed a unique virtual intercom application that can be deployed on selectable regional targets. This minimizes the latency inherent when going virtual by giving administrators the ability to easily deploy Gen-IC Cloud Intercom closest to where teams are doing work. Moreover, Gen-IC Cloud Intercom instances from around the world can be linked, producing the ultimate communication and collaboration tool for mission-critical productions.

The system is designed for ease of use and utilizes Clear-Com’s virtual clients, Agent-IC mobile app and Station-IC virtual desktop client, eliminating the need for additional user training. Connections from the virtual clients to hardware ecosystems are achieved through the existing range of Clear-Com LQ Series of IP Interfaces, with no dedicated interfacing requirements.

The Clear-Com SkyPort provides Workspace Management for Partners, making it easy to manage many different customer sites and events in one online application. Through SkyPort, Partners are empowered to authorize local administrators to manage events and put the control in the users’ hands, while still benefiting from Clear-Com’s impressive support capabilities provided via their Partner network.