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NEXT Audiogroup Scales Up and Down with MOKA System

The MOKA System is an ultra-compact plug´n´play line array system optimized for flexible, high power and modular array configurations to fit a diverse range of sound reinforcement applications.

MOKA seamlessly integrates cutting-edge concepts in sound reinforcement technology into a singular system, comprising 3 fundamental elements — the MOKA Array, the MOKA Sub and the MOKA Sub A.

Its capabilities span from a small to large event, extending to flown line array systems for professional live sound reinforcement at concerts and festivals, complete with adaptable subwoofer arrangements on the ground, or flown if needed.

Beyond its system flexibility, MOKA stands out with its sophisticated features and technologies designed to streamline the life of every installer, rental company or band.

The MOKA Array speaker, encased in a polyurea-painted multi-laminate birch plywood enclosure, serves as a line array element. It accommodates a 9″ neodymium woofer with a 3″ neodymium driver coaxially mounted. The waveguide ensures minimal interference among the arrays, creating a classic line array dispersion pattern with remarkable throw and energy density.

The MOKA SUB A is a 15″ active bass-reflex subwoofer powered by a 4x2300w Class D amplifier module with DSP. This professional active subwoofer was engineered for high-level and extended low-frequency output. Each Moka Sub A can power up to another Moka Sub (passive) and 4 Moka Arrays.

NEXT Audiocom presents MOKA in 4 different configurations: MOKA Small (4 Moka Array + 1 Moka Sub + 1 Moka Sub A), MOKA Medium (8 Moka Array + 2 Moka Sub + 2 Moka Sub A), MOKA Large (16 Moka Array + 4 Moka Sub + 4 Moka Sub A), and MOKA Giant (24 Moka Array + 6 Moka Sub + 6 Moka Sub A).

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