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Brompton Technology Continues as Preferred LED Processing Solution for NIPA KoVAC Studio

After the successful launch of an innovative LED stage in 2023, the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) has once more enlisted the expertise of South Korean XR specialists, ARK Ventures Inc., to elevate its KoVAC XR STAGE into a state-of-the-art hybrid facility. NIPA is a government-operated organisation in South Korea that aims to promote and develop the country’s IT industry.

This upgrade introduces LED ceiling enhancements and effects side walls within the South Korean VR AR Complex (KoVAC) in Mapo-gu, Seoul. As such, the studio now boasts a vast 16m by 6m ROE Visual BP2V2 LED wall, a 16.6m by 6.7m ROE Visual BM4V2 LED floor, two sets of 3.6m by 3.6m LED ceilings, and a 2.4m by 3.6m side effects wall, the latter two composed of ROE Visual CB5L MKII panels.

The setup is powered by 4 x 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors and 9 x Tessera 10G data distribution units. Additionally, the system incorporates disguise vx 4+ media server and nDisplay by Unreal Engine. Additionally, the NIPA team maximises the studio capabilities by leveraging long-standing Tessera software features such as Frame Remapping, ShutterSync and Studio Mode, alongside the latest Extended Bit Depth, Stacking, and PureTone.

“I firmly believe that integrating globally recognised products into our expanded NIPA studio will significantly advance South Korea’s virtual production industry,” shared Lee Jin Seo, Deputy
Director of NIPA.

David Oh, Exclusive Director at Ark Ventures Inc., agreed, “The incorporation of cutting-edge technologies from industry leaders such as Brompton, ROE Visual, disguise, and ARRI, combined with the presence of NIPA’s highly skilled creative and technical teams, elevates the NIPA KOVAC XR STAGE to one of South Korea’s most advanced integrated studio facilities, capable of realising any type of creative project by harnessing a meticulously planned blend of XR and ICVFX capabilities.”

“We’re thrilled to witness the growth trajectory the NIPA team has embarked on with their XR STAGE, upgrading the facility and transforming it into a high-tech hybrid space,” concluded Elijah Ebo, Director of APAC Operations at Brompton. “With the studio now widely utilised across various sectors such as advertising, film production, and education, we extend our congratulations to the NIPA team for this significant development. We’re also delighted they had the opportunity to collaborate with the Ark Ventures team again, who are renowned for their dedication to always delivering the best results.”

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