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SDA Resumes Asian Rigging Training and Workshop

After many years of organising the Basic Rigging training, SDA announces the 2nd post-pandemic Asian training in January at its training facility.

The training will refer, as before, to the updated international norms and regulations, including health and safety, machine directory, etc., as well as local standardization and regulations.

The rigging training will be held as before in cooperation with Mr. Harold Waldack, Managing Director of ICRCsarl France, ICRC Middle East and Asiarig Co Ltd., Thailand. Harold is a veteran in respect of rigging for the entertainment industry and has conducted a series of rigging trainings over the past twenty years.

The 5-day rigging course will comprise of all the basic theoretical rigging skills, such as, Risk Assessment, Rigging Basics, Calculations, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Hoist Technology & Controllers, as well as a hands-on workshop and truss technology. On the last day, an examination will give the attendees an indication of their comprehension of the offered topics.

The Rigging training is held at the training facilities of SDA Kuala Lumpur from January 8th till 12th 2024. Please note that the number of participating persons is limited!

For more information or subscription forms, please go to or contact email