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Elation Professional Logo Redesign Underscores Commitment to Innovation

Elation Professional’s new logo is the brand’s very first update of its logo since the company’s founding in the early 1990’s. The redesigned logo brings it up to date with today’s design and digital landscape and better aligns with the progressive, innovative company that Elation is today.

The updated logo design, the creation of Elation Marketing manager Patrick Nadjarians, maintains the brand’s rich Elation identity while evolving the background oval into an elegant curve with a smooth, flowing contour that represents light, movement and the company’s dynamic future. Inspired by the company’s vision of innovation and continuous advancement in the industry, the more streamlined design uses sleek, clean lines to express a forward-thinking company. Additionally, as it is clearly evident to the market that the company is 100% dedicated to the professional entertainment lighting market, the Elation name stands alone.

“This is really about creating a brand visual that reflects who we are now and where we are headed,” Nadjarians explained. “We’ve come a long way since the original logo was created and it was time to update the look to better represent the innovative, dynamic, and forward-thinking company that we’ve become. The swoosh represents our forward momentum, as well as a projection of light, and the whole look is lighter and more nimble. The design is fresh and modern yet at the same time maintains the Elation core.”

A crucial component of Elation‘s branding and visual identity, the new-look logo underscore the company’s commitment to technological innovation along with its vision for the future. The new logo’s clean lines and simplicity will make it a more versatile symbol for the company and will look great across a variety of platforms, including websites and social media. The new logo is in use now and should be used as a replacement wherever the old logo was previously utilized.

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