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Not an Illusion: RF Venue Architectural Antenna Duo “Disappear” for Mics and IEMs

With its Architectural series antennas, RF Venue has made RF antennas that “disappear” while still delivering renowned antenna performance for both wireless microphone and wireless IEM systems.

The patented cross-polarized technologies of RF Venue’s dual-diversity Diversity Fin Antenna for wireless mics and the design of the circularly polarized CP Beam Antenna for wireless IEMs are folded into identical slim, compact Architectural series enclosures that can be ceiling- or wall-mounted and painted to match any interior.

The small footprint and thin profile of the Architectural series antennas facilitate placement for optimum RF line-of-sight while colour matching allows them to hide in plain sight. The combination of the CP Architectural Antenna and the Diversity Architectural Antenna delivers rock-solid installed wireless audio system performance where mics and IEMs are used together, and visually disappear where appearance is important.

Don Boomer, a senior applications engineer at RF Venue, says that prospective clients can easily understand the advantages of RF Venue antenna technologies and that the performance keeps them coming back. Having said that, the most technically sound option wasn’t usually the most aesthetically pleasing one. To Boomer, that has changed with the Diversity Fin and CP Beam antennas.

For example, Jessey Foster, a loyal customer of RF Venue for essential wireless audio solutions, and owner and lead AVL designer for business tech provider (and now RF Venue dealer) Uniti Designs, anticipates the Architectural Series antennas will be the dominant antenna choice in his permanent installation projects in the future.

He pointed out two factors in this prediction. The first was that the architectural antennas were incredibly flat. To him, they vanished when placed in a ceiling or on a wall. He painted the antenna black in an install’s dark ceiling so it couldn’t be seen at all and that was significant to his client.

The second reason Foster gave was the powerful combination of the Diversity Architectural and CP Architectural Antennas. He placed his wireless mic and IEM antenna as close as six feet apart, and noted the level of clarity and coverage was “astounding”.

The CP Architectural Antenna is available standalone and in 4 and 9 Channel Wireless In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Packs, which bundle the antenna with COMBINE4 or COMBINE8 antenna combiners and all needed cabling for a clean, easy setup.

The Diversity Architectural Antenna  is also available individually and in turnkey RF Venue 4 and 9 Channel Wireless Microphone Upgrade Packs that include antenna, an RF Venue DISTRO4 or DISTRO9 antenna distribution amplifier, and all cabling needed. The RF Venue Architectural Antennas and upgrade bundles work with wireless audio systems of any brand or model, and ship from stock.

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