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RF Venue Extends Wireless Audio Portfolio with RF Explorer Pro

With its integrated 6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer and Frequency Coordination and WiFi Analysis tools, RF Venue’s RF Explorer Pro offers advanced functionality with intuitive touchscreen operation to maximize the performance of wireless microphone and in-ear monitor systems in any venue.

The RF Explorer Pro is aimed to be easy-to-use in a variety of settings including music tours, filming locations, or even wireless systems in schools or churches. When connected to a local network using a VNC viewer compatible across PC, macOS, Android, and iOS devices, the RF Explorer Pro can be fully remote-controlled to monitor, manage, and capture spectrum data.

The high-performance CPU in the RF Explorer Pro enables fast frequency coordination calculations, real-time interference monitoring, and intermodulation analysis right out of the box. Advanced data display modes such as Waterfall 2D and 3D views are presented on a brilliant 8-inch touchscreen. Built-in memory automatically records, saves and replays spectrum data scans with a video-style playback slider. Users can quickly export captured CSV data to a USB drive for use in other software applications such as RF Venue’s free online Wireless System Builder, Shure Wireless Workbench, Audio-Technica Wireless Manager, Sennheiser Wireless System Manager, Excel, and more.

The RF Explorer Pro features a set of inputs and outputs including USB-C for power and USB 3.0 for data export and network connection. To aid in system configuration, coverage range testing, and to enhance real time monitoring during an event, a mini-HDMI output allows connection to an external display. The analyzer also offers continuous system monitoring and reliable alerts based on configurable limit parameters. Internal 4500mAh lithium ion batteries provide 3.5 to 5 hours of operation from a full charge via the USB-C port. RF Explorer Pro can be remote-controlled over any network connection by connecting an Ethernet adapter via USB.

The MSRP stands as $1,399 (USD).

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