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UAE: Al Lailak Upgrades to MIDAS Pro X

Yousef Najem from Al Lailak with Moswain Antao from NMK Electronics

Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises (NMK), distributor of Midas in the United Arab Emirates and the region for the live sound market segment, has upgraded the PRO 6 console of Al Lailak to a PRO X ­providing the Kuwait­based rental company with a total of 168 inputs and 99 mix busses.

Al Lailak started its operations back in 2004 and as of now is the biggest rental house in the country. Their business revolves around production of Live concerts, conferences and weddings, where they have worked with some of the most popular names in the region. They are also owners of the M32, PRO1 and the PRO 2C, which makes their upgrade to the PRO X evident.

The two-day procedure, incorporates an intensive pre-­test and post­-test making sure the PRO X meets the quality and factory requirements. It utilizes the same form factor of the PRO 6 control surface but replaces the major internal components with newer ones.

In addition to this, the DL371 DSP engine is swapped out with the Neutron. It delivers more than 100 gigaflops of real­-time audio processing performance due to the new advanced FPGA and MIMD architecture design, which renders into 271 simultaneous processing channels at 96 kHz and 40­bit floating point.

In addition to the upgrade, Al lailak has also invested in two of the new DL231 Active microphone splitters. Giving the company a three way split of 48 input channels. The third output can be sourced from either the first two digital preamps or from the console outputs.

“The Midas PRO series are constantly evolving. With the purchase of the PRO X upgrade kit, any Midas PRO 3, 6 or 9 owner can easily see his return on investment when not having to phase out a previous purchase.” said Moswain Antao, Midas Brand Manager at NMK Electronics Enterprises.

“We see this planned direction also within the interface and user operation making any Midas user familiar across the complete console lineup.”