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Krank’d Krank It Up with PROLIGHTS

Production company Krank’d relied on Show Technology, PROLIGHTS’ distributor in Australia, to expand their rental inventory with PROLIGHTS fixtures. The new selection includes the EclProfile CT+ LED high-quality profile and the EclCyclorama 100 soft-edge linear projector.

Wes Bluff, CEO of Krank’d, explained that the decision to invest in these new devices was driven by the need for a high-quality LED colour Profile solution: “Having used the PROLIGHTS EclProfile CT+ in high-level Queensland venues and in discussion with local designers and crew, it was clear that everyone was raving about the EclProfile CT+.”

Wes said that it wasn’t the fixture’s extensive list of features that caught his attention, but rather the quality of light that they produce: “You can achieve the natural effect of a traditional incandescent fixture, yet they also produce an excellent range of saturated colours typical of an LED fixture.” He continued: “Moreover, The RAW 16bit mode pairs perfectly with the traditional Gel Colour libraries in popular lighting consoles, simplifying colour programming.”

When it came to choosing the EclCyclorama 100 fixtures, Wes arranged a shootout with several similar fixtures on the market. “We were searching for some footlights for a regional tour supplying a contemporary dance company,” he added. “Although it was not the fixture’s intended purpose, the design of the EclCyclorama 100 lent itself beautifully to the design requirements of the production. The inclusion of the warm white source as well as the typical RGB array meant the designer could achieve substantial colour variation in each of the three acts of the performance.”

Since then, Krank’d have used PROLIGHTS EclCyclorama 100 not only as footlights but also as Cyc floods for a wide variety of theatrical productions.