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Total Solution Marketing’s New Brand Offerings

Total Solution Marketing Pte Ltd (TSM), a leading distributor of premium lighting, rigging and special effects equipment in Asia, has welcomed some new brands onboard this year, namely; Chauvet Professional, Stagesmarts, and Follow-Me.

Chauvet Professional is the thoughtful, forward-looking choice for Lighting Designers, offering a carefully focused selection of products that open new design possibilities and make it easier to complete quality lighting projects.

Their products are mainly applicable to concerts, stage and event productions, touring, theatres, hospitality venues, cruise ships, clubs, houses of worship, television and architainment.

Stagesmarts set a new standard in functionality, flexibility, reliability and safety. Their products are suitable for all applications; from the smallest venue to the largest tour.

Engineered to meet the tough requirements of the events market, their smartPDU and C24 helps you to keep track of the situation at any moment, protecting your connected equipment and crew and, when needed, assisting you in diagnosing problems.

With the introduction of Follow-Me, the problems of traditional spotlights being expensive and taking up too much space are now things in the past. Follow-me is a tracking software that is cost reducing and barely takes up any space. Follow-Me can be used with any light that is able to pan and tilt from any manufacturer.

With the Follow-Me package, anyone can start following people with any moving heads. All you need is another Follow-Me Mouse Console, so you can follow an unlimited number of persons with one system.

For detailed information and the latest updates on events, visit TSM’s website.