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John Garberson And CHAUVET Professional Colorize Ostrich Festival

The Commodores have covered a lot of musical ground during their storied career, gliding with silky smoothness from ballads like “Three Times A Lady,” to hard-driving funky dance hits like “Brick House.” When the Grammy-winning band appeared at the 39th annual Ostrich Festival in this small town outside Phoenix, USA, they

CHAUVET Professional Helps SXS 20 Realize Vision @ SWOTY

Since it began 1995, the Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards (SWOTY) has been characterized by a relentless drive to push the creative envelope. The brainchild of Specsavers founder and Kidscape patron Dame Mary Perkins, the annual gala honouring the UK’s bespectacled movers and shakers is loads of fun and generates

USA: KYVA Design Brings Big Looks To Brothers Osborne

Standing over 6’3” tall with broad shoulders and rugged features, the Grammy-nominated country music duo Brothers Osborne cast a striking image on stage. Their already-imposing presence is accented even further on their current tour by a wall of truss and light designed by Chris Reade and Jay Ballinger of KYVA

USA: John Colligan “Goes Rogue” For Gov’t Mule Tour

John Colligan of BML-Blackbird Theatrical Services believes that lighting shares an emotional connection to music, flowing with it to tap into experiences deep inside the human soul. Since 2014, Colligan has been part of this powerful union, both witnessing it and contributing to it as lighting designer for jam-band icons