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New VuePix Digital Advertising Platforms for The Mark Retail Precinct

The iconic Gold Coast dining & retail precinct – The Mark – has recently scored new digital advertising platforms, designed to promote the businesses within and their services.

Located at Orchid Avenue in the centre of Surfers Paradise, The Mark was historically one of the first
retail precincts established in the heart of the Gold Coast. Owned by Hachma International Australia,
the precinct is a great dining and entertainment destination for locals and visitors alike.

To promote businesses within the complex, the management decided to invest in new digital advertising platforms and contacted the VuePix Infiled team to provide the best digital advertising turnkey solution for the precinct.

The main advertising LED billboard is 5m long and 2.3m high, featuring VuePix Infiled Global Media
panels, which have been placed in a sleek aluminium frame and attached to one of the buildings
within the complex. The VuePix Infiled GM series has been specifically designed for fixed outdoor
advertising applications. It offers a balance between weight and durability to withstand harsh
environmental factors such as direct UV rays, varying temperatures, constant vibrations and severe
weather conditions.

With the 8mm pixel pitch resolution, the digital display delivers exceptionally clear visuals with high
brightness of over 5000nits, outstanding contrast ratio and high refresh rates. The panels are
equipped with automatic brightness sensors, ensuring superb visual performance in any light
condition. The patented Display Monitoring System allows live monitoring of the screen and its key
vital working conditions.

Not long after the main advertising screen installation, management approached the VuePix Infiled
team again to request an additional screen to be installed within the main arcade of the complex.

The arcade acts as a thoroughfare between renowned Orchid Avenue and The Esplanade, providing
high foot traffic, making the arcade a perfect place for an additional digital advertising display. This
time the VuePix Infiled ER 3.9mm outdoor panels were used, due to its location, attachment to the
building and the viewing distance.