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DNK: Robe MegaPointes on Solid Ground for Alex Vargas

Danish singer, songwriter and music producer Alex Vargas played a special one-off concert at Copenhagen’s 16,000 capacity Royal Arena … with a set and lighting design by Theis Wermuth of creative visual practice, Create This.

Theis has been working for the artist since 2016 and when this show was announced, he already knew exactly what he wanted to do creatively! He developed a concept, showed it to the artist and his management … who also loved it.

Right at the centre of the design 22 x Robe MegaPointes were placed.

Theis originally wanted a lot more MegaPointes on the rig … but a certain amount of adjustments were needed to fit the budget and he had to use a lot more stock moving lights that the rental company already had on-board, so 22 was the final figure.

These were supplied, along with the rest of the lighting kit, by Nordic Rentals.

Knowing what Alex Vargas likes in terms of visuals – and the artist trusts Theis’s judgement to deliver something suitably spectacular each time – the show visuals evolved rapidly.

As it was an arena show, a wide design was vital too, and Theis wanted to integrate the geometry of Vargas’ stylised diamond logo into the trussing and structural elements of the rig.

The 22 x MegaPointes were positioned on a triangular shaped truss immediately above centre stage … right at the heart of the show, and they worked extensively throughout the performance. Their brightness and distinctive quality of light clearly stood out from all the other lights on the rig – around 150 other fixtures – plus four 5W and four 10W RGB lasers.

With no video, it was all down to lighting to make visual impact and create the drama, contrasts and rawness needed to match the massive dynamic swings in the music. A stark black backdrop featuring a large replication of the logo filled the upstage space, and all the mood and magic was expressed with lighting.

The rawness and energy of this utilitarian approach clearly worked!

“It was essential that I had a primary fixture that was bright, and could be a really excellent spot, wash and a beam all on one,” explains Theis.

The MegaPointes were used for a vast array of different looks – from fragmented break-ups to tight piercing beams.

“I really love the fact that finally we have a fixture with no compromises – it’s a perfect profile as much as a wash or a beam – all three types of light are exactly as they should be,” stated Theis.

Theis has been using Robe luminaires on his designs for some time now, and he will specify Robe as and when it’s the best choice for the aesthetics. As an independent designer he’s open to using products that are exactly right for the look and effect he wants to achieve for the show or production, and thinks that Robe is doing a great job right now in bringing innovative and useful fixtures to the market.

Theis programmed and ran the Royal Arena show himself using a grandMA2 console.

Photo credits to Morten Rygaard.