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CHN: Mr & Mrs Bund Undergo K-array Upgrade

Pro audio solutions manufacturer K-array was recently called upon by renowned chef Paul Pairet to update the sound system in modern French eatery Mr & Mrs Bund, which is also one of Shanghai’s top restaurants. 

The manufacturer had previously worked on the restaurant’s sound system, installing a system of Kobra KK102 and KK52 loudspeakers in the 2700-cubic-metre dining room. Supported by Thunder and Rumble subwoofers powered by a Kommander amplifier, the system was responsible for providing smooth sound during dining hours and more powerful acoustics for DJ setups, parties and private events.

For the most recent upgrading of the system to get more SPL, K-array installed 18 Python KP52 line arrays customised in white combined with eight Rumble KU210 compact subwoofers powered by three Kommander KA24 amplifiers.

With no crossover and no reflex, the Pythons show a perfect phase response both in the near and in the far fields, which makes it possible for them to uniformly cover the long distance of the dining room. The system is also nearly invisible, and easily blends into the architecture of the restaurant so diners can experience high-fidelity sound during all phases of the evening.

“The food is amazing, the wine is high-quality and the audio is impeccable,” says Marc Vincent, K-array Area Sales Manager – APAC, and frequent diner at Mr & Mrs Bund. “It’s a great pairing in every sense of the meaning.”